Where’s my country gone?

There’s a storm in Tel Aviv tonight. There was a storm in Tel Aviv today too. Big fat raindrops pelted the citizens of the Jewish city by the sea. Now new rain drops drive themselves into the thin panes of glass on the windows of my rented flat and pound the roads and pavements of Tel Aviv.

How fitting that the thunder and the rain and the lightening should strike now while we’re suffering through the dying moments of what was all too quickly referred to as a third Intifada. A few Palestinians took knives and screwdrivers and went looking for Jews to kill. They found a few but they found their own deaths too. Hardly what one might call a successful campaign. Demonstrators around East Jerusalem attempted to riot a few times but it was amateur night and you could tell. Scary here for a while, but amateur nonetheless.

Now in the papers there’s talk again about boycotting the Jewish state. A few hundred academics in the UK, 2 prominent Jewish academics in the USA and a whole lot of talk about JK Rowling’s attitude to Israel. To be honest it doesn’t matter.

The point is I’ve lost faith in the ability of Israel’s leadership. They are too driven by ideology and unable to see the writing on the wall. This West Bank thing is over. Either we leave on our own terms or we’re eventually forced out. Clearly it will be the latter. I wonder what would happen if the President of the USA simply cut to the chase and told Netanyahu to choose between the West Bank and the United States.

Ben Gurion must be spinning in his grave, not to mention Rabin, Sharon, Sharett, Eban, Meir, Dayan and all the people who struggled so hard, walking such a tightrope of diplomacy and military might to ensure the survival of the Jewish state. Now my generation has to watch their successors throw it all in the garbage.

I’ve had enough. There’s nothing I can do about it, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, we just get to watch it all go from bad to worse. The obfuscation the burying heads in the sand the refusal to talk to Palestinians when there’s no terror followed by the refusal to talk to Palestinians when there is terror. It’s going nowhere tortuously slowly.

I don’t know where my country is. I don’t know where the borders of my country are. I don’t know where it stops. I hear a lot of language about an undivided Jerusalem but I know which parts I’m not welcome in and I know which parts the city council refuses to provide municipal services to. Jerusalem has been divided for decades.

So sit back folks and enjoy the show. The state of Israel has begun her long descent into being a historical oddity and the Jewish people of the 21st century are doomed to witness it.

Though the real tragedy is not that Israel will disappear, it’s that when Israel does finally go, no one will miss it.