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Since when were Hamas the good guys?

The blogging pages of the Guardian are full of people ranting on about how Hamas are ‘The resistance’ and how they are perfectly within their rights to kill Israelis.

The logic for this argument is that Israeli military forces have been pounding the Gaza strip and carrying out operations in the West Bank for the past forty one years.

This is worth writing about because it is the perfect example of people looking at a situation and seeing only what they choose to see.

In the eyes of many of these bloggers the Hamas are a modern day equivalent to the French Resistance of World War II, with the Israelis, of course, cast in the role of the Nazi’s.

This paints a very simple picture, where it is very clear who the good guys and the bad guys are. This logic is based entirely upon assumption and a product of watching news footage from the Gaza Strip.

There is no reason not to be critical of Israel, no reason not to campaign against Israeli policy vis a vis Palestinians

Israel uses collective punishment as a tool to pressure terrorists, also through a policy of targeted assassinations Israel will inevitably miss and kill Palestinian civilians

This is on top of the checkpoints and general infrastructure involved in a military occupation of an area such as curfew’s and cutting off electricity and freedom of movement at will.

If this makes Israel the bad guy in your opinion then you have a great deal to learn about this neighbourhood.

Hamas are not interested in selective assassination of Israeli leaders nor are they interested in forcing the Israeli army out of Palestinian pre 1967 territories, if the truth be told they could have done that years ago.

Hamas are interested in killing as many Israeli civilians as possible!
Hamas are interested in ‘reclaiming Muslim lands’,
Hamas have enforced a totalitarian regime upon their own people in Gaza, they fire missiles without any form of targeting systems as far into Israeli centres of population as they can in the hope of killing as many civilians as they can.
Hamas urges Palestinian children to blow themselves up amidst Jews

How many times do we have to hear the argument “well when they have nothing to fight with, what else do you expect?” when it comes to suicide bombers. This is the perfect example of assumption rather than knowledge.

If someone is skilled enough to create a suicide bomb vest then they are skilled enough to blow up a military target without using a human bomb.

You can hate what Israel does if you want, I’ll even join you in attacking some of the policies of the Israeli government which are often cruel, senseless and do nothing other than invite retaliation.

Disliking Israel does not instantly make Hamas into a group worth defending or sympathising with.

Hamas broadcast day and night their murderous intentions, they will tell anyone who will listen how much they want to kill Jews yet all I see are bloggers defending Hamas based upon their ‘assumptions’ about Hamas without bothering to read their charter or see any of their translated broadcasts urging children to become suicide bombers

so hey instead of assuming that you know what their intentions are why don’t you just see what they have to say?

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