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Instant Gratification

I think bloggers love instant gratification. I know I do. The knowledge that the moment I hit “publish” my words are out on the web for all to see is one of the biggest motivations for blogging over any other form of writing.

I have noticed this in particular while writing my book. This is the very opposite of instant gratification. The process is very long, the results unclear. There is no “publish” moment to allow me to instantly post the book on Facebook and see what everyone thinks of it.

Whenever I have trouble writing the book I find myself blogging. The longer I am unable to write the more I blog and the more I strive for that instant gratification of a blog post that goes viral. If it happens and lots of people see the post I can calm down, relax and once more return to the zero gratification of writing my book.

Washing the dishes is also something I move to when I find myself unable to write. Instant gratification. The dishes are clean. What do I have when I have written the book?

I guess we’ll find out soon.