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Holocaust What Day?

In the year 2008 I feel that the Holocaust is no longer the Holocaust, that earth shattering, devastating blow that was struck at my people in an effort to wipe us from the planet in our entirety. Not simply to kill us but to do so in the most despicable way, through torture and pseudo-medical experiments in acts of barbarism perpetrated by people from all walks of life such as doctors, lawyers and policemen all being cast into the role of murderers.

For me the Holocaust is MY wound! It was MY people Hitler tried to exterminate it is MY family that would have been murdered if Hitler had succeeded in invading our emerald isle so now why am I forced to watch the Holocaust being wheeled out every year like some kind of political product?

Do I really have to hear those words “Educate so that it never happens again” when I know that in my own lifetime it has happened again all over the world from Rwanda to Bosnia to the Killing Fields and now in Dharfor and once again the supposedly educated Western World watches and does nothing!

What is the point in this so called Holocaust Memorial Day if we stand by and watch while people are killed all over again just for being born? What is the point in all of these political initiatives if when the time comes to stand up to tyranny the world is as deaf and blind as when my people were murdered in their millions?

For me the Holocaust is a festering sore, a wound that no matter how much time passes never really heals, it is not helped by having a Holocaust Memorial Day and having one has not contributed to the British government intervening to prevent other massacres and Holocausts that have occurred and are currently occurring around the world. So what’s the point? Better that we bury our dead, say Kaddish and move on with our lives, I do not see how we honor our dead by wheeling them out in front of the UK public once a year.

Ahron says:

Hello Marc,
I share your thoughts about the Holocaust. I’ve recently written the Obituary of Leon Greenman, who went through these horrible experiences. You – and your readers – might want to read about his experiences. All you have to do is to go to the Website of the Daily Telegraph and read it there (Obituaries section, published on 10 March 2008).
Good luck with your new blog.
Ahron Bregman

Isaac says:

This has all been said before and nobody cares. Sorry Goldschnozz. There are far too many blogs as it is.