Fuck Labour, Fuck Jeremy Corbyn, Fuck Seamus Milne!

Critics of Israel haven’t been censored by the Jewish community or any definition of antisemitism. We’ve been silenced by Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party.

I can’t criticise Israel now. Not while that vile man and his party are busy dictating to Jews what our oppression is and what our relationship with Israel is allowed to be.

They’ve even got Yachad standing up for Israel and their raison d’etre is having a go at Israel.

To stick the knife into Israel now, from London, while Israelis are watching their fields burn and running to the shelters in fear of mortars would be a dis-service to the Jewish community into which I was born and the Jewish people.

I am in London and here we fight against the diktats thrust upon us by a resurgent left wing.

Ironically the so-called Israel lobby (by whom they mean any Jew who doesn’t agree with them) whose strength they constantly bemoan hasn’t succeeded in burying a third rate politician and his public school boy number two in the dirt. That Corbyn is ahead in the polls makes a lie of all talk of the power of the so called Israel lobby.

My community is apoplectic at the sheer bloody mindedness of these supposedly democratic politicians and yet our protests, have been for nought. When Jews demonstrate against oppression we do so alone.

As per usual a tiny Jewish community must sit by and watch others determine its fate. Nothing done by this community has affected the number of people voting Labour.

We wait in hope.