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So what would you die for?

Well I just keep thinking of that wonderful quote;

If there’s nothing worth dying for there’s nothing worth living for either”


The actual quote doesn’t go exactly that way but, hell, it’s my blog, if I can’t paraphrase here then where the hell can I?

I’m sure there has to something ironic about the fact that the original line is attributed widely to Martin Luther and that he hated the Jews. The ironic part is that it’s that Jew hating bastard’s kind of logic that persuaded me to run off and join the IDF.

That is ironic right?

There are still people in this world who live by that axiom. They tend to be running off and joining the Jihadi army of the Islamic State at the moment though.

I get it. The one’s who are leaving the UK anyway. I bet they spent their lives wandering around in the United Kingdom wondering where the hell they fit in. They looked at the bastions of Britishness, the Etons, the Oxbridges, the toff accent and were like “what the fuck?”

And then a man came along called Osama and he raised the Muslim flag really high up in the air and he rejected all of the things that people growing up in blighty are supposed to want so much. Where was his iphone? Where was his suit and tie. And they were like;

“Yeah man, he’s a Muslim who gets it”

Even if they didn’t really know what “it” was.

And the more people told them he was a bad man, the more they felt like he was right. The more they chased him and anyone who dared support him the more they respected him.

And then he died. Was killed by the bullets of an American Navy SEAL.

And now the Islamic State has arisen, with a flag of its own and terrorism porn produced for the Muslims in the West and some of them are getting that exciting feeling back again. They’re leaving it all behind and running off to join the fight. When they get there they’ll realise it’s all bullshit of course. Worse than bullshit. A nightmare of rape and murder, of bodies lining the streets and beheadings and crucifictions. Of course they already know about them before they leave, but they dismiss the reports. Push them away to some place else in their minds until they arrive and they’re everywhere.

Only then it’s too late. Either that or they get off on it nonetheless. Enemies of Islam must die and all of that shit.

But what I wonder is, where the hell is the desire on the part of everyone else to rid the world of this filth?

Is it, just like WWII where Nazism was something to be admired right up to the point at which they were at war?

Where the fuck is the outrage?

Where are the people demanding that the government does more than pretend to help?