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Dear Alan

You don`t know me. My name is Gali and in a month from now I`m going to be your best friend Marc wife. Please forgive me for my sapling and grammar mistakes, English is not my first languish and if to be completely honest I have always straggled with wreathing in English, but I fill a strong need to wreathe you. I do see the irony in it. It doesn`t meter  if I wreath this in English or Hebrew, unfortunately you will never be able to read this, but even duo there isn`t an address to send this letter I have faith that in same way, bigger from my understanding, you will be able to see my words to you.

I have never had the owner of meeting you but I fill like I have known you for years. Your friends mention you all the time, they always think about what you would have think about this and that, what you would have said about everything, how thing that they see or say would have made you laugh, and they always trying to make sure you will be proud of them. I heard people took about you frequently with a sense of respect. I keep hearing about your kind neither, your wisdom and the bright future you had in front of you and brutally had been taken away from you. Everyone still loves you and respect you. I don’t know what`s weirder – the fact that I consider you my friend although we have never meet or the fact that I`m sure that you consider me your friend from where ever you are.

Marc and I are going to be married in a month from Know. We meet our event manager yesterday and he explained to us how to do the sitting chart. On the way home I kept thinking about the picture you guys took at the day you visit Simon, you all wear tuxedos and had a big smile. Everyone that is in this picture is coming to the wedding. Everyone accepts you. Today I woke up and marc told me this is the day it happened. At first I thought to myself that it`s just a weird coincidence but then I understand. We all think about you all the time not just on July the 9. I felt a strong need to wreathe you and tale you that you are always in our hearts, in the bad days and in the good days. I hope you can see this letter somehow and I promise you I will always think of you my friend.