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Windows 8

Is it just me or is everyone out there finding it impossible to get to grips with Windows 8?

Recently I bought a brand new Samsung laptop, was really happy to get it home and start playing with it and finding out what it could do. But before I could even begin Windows 8 insisted on an update that took me about 2 hours to download, which already irritated me.

Then I started messing around with the new operating system and have so far (we’re talking months later here) failed to see what added value it has brought to me.

Now instead of being able to do 2 things at once, like have a chat on Skype whilst working on a document that we are both discussing, I find that I simply can’t. I have to leave my desktop behind, then open Skype and have a conversation and then go back to my desktop to work on my document. This is a lot worse than their older operating systems and I am at a loss to explain why on earth Microsoft have made this the case.

Speaking of Skype, I keep getting asked for my Microsoft email address when I want to log in. Since I don’t have one I have no idea how to access the most basic functions of the computer.

Cheers Microsoft you tossers.

Such apps as photos, Amazon and well just about everything that they have in the apps screen could just as easily sit on my desktop and allow me to do 2 things at once. I find this new ‘thing’ of taking everything away from my fingertips incredibly frustrating.

What is also killing me are all of these shitty so called ‘shortcuts’. Whenever I try to move the arrow across the screen using the touch pad I get taken away to another part of the Windows 8 world. Clearly Microsoft understand just how unwieldy their operating system is which is why they insisted in adding in all of these annoying shortcuts in the first place, what they neglected to realise was the fact that someone may want to scroll diagnally down not in order to be taken into random photos but merely in order to move the arrow to another part of the screen!!

In short I have a whole load of apps that I don’t want, didn’t ask for and can’t use (because of this Microsoft email crap) and a computer that is less effective than it would be if I had simply bought it with Windows 7. And please don’t anyone give me any of this “you just don’t know how to use it, you have to get used to it” crap. I don’t want to get used to my computer I want to USE my computer and thanks to Microsoft this is now a whole load more difficult!

I am not a Mac I am definitely a PC.

As far as I am concerned that means that I don’t get a computer that is aspiring to be a piece of artwork, I get a computer that I am familiar with and that works!

Windows 8 gives me nothing extra and takes away a whole range of functions that I would normally use.

Thanks Microsoft, you wankers!

Anonymous says:

Just install Ubuntu on it.