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Taking Life as You Find it

A number of years ago I was living in Jerusalem in something resembling a halfway house for people who had just moved to the country, where we could study the language for 5 months and also have a place to stay before moving out into wider society.

There was a security guard there called Meir, he had just come back from the rite of passage trip many Israelis take in the wake of their military service and was studying to be a dentist. He worked nights as a security guard to pay for the course, we became pretty friendly and sometimes we would chat in his booth.

One night he told me that shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend of three years his best friend started dating her and that they were getting married the next day.

Naturally I asked him if he was upset with them that they had gotten together, especially so soon after he had been dating her.

He looked at me in confusion and asked? “Why? She gave me the best three years of my life and now she is going to make my best friend happy forever.”

It hadn’t even occurred to him to be angry with them.

His lack of animosity struck me as a lesson in humanity that I have taken with me ever since.