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Samsung Galaxy 3 V Apple iphone 5

I have recently ditched my beloved Apple iphone 4S for a Samsung Galaxy G3.

I took a risk when I changed because I knew nothing about Samsung’s phones having never owned one and I was by no means certain that it was the right move. What motivated me to make the change was the difference in price between the G3 and the iphone 5.

At first it was annoying to change phones and get used to the android operating system. The thing is I am not a real technology geek and mainly just want a phone that lets me surf the web easily and obviously make phone calls without a problem.

I have now come to understand that the reason I was looking for those things is because I had never encountered Samsung before. Apple are very good at giving you a complete phone that ensures the owner will never have to get involved in anything more technical than downloading a song or a film on itunes.

The flip side of that is that if, for example, you want to buy a longer lasting battery or extend the memory of the phone then…well, you can’t. Unless you buy another iphone with a larger memory of course.

Samsung look at the world differently and herein lies the advantage that they have over Apple.

The other day I bought an 8 gig memory card and inserted it into my Galaxy G3. In that instant I became Samsung’s biggest fan. The idea that I could improve my phones memory for a purchase under £10 is revolutionary for someone used to the limitations of the iphone without even realising that the limitations were there!

I have been downloading music for free, the other day I downloaded The Godfather to my phone in HD for free. With every song in my inventory I have the option of making it my ring tone, assigning it to a particular caller or making it my alarm. These are things that with Apple you simply cannot do. This lack of flexibility as well as insistence that you pay through the nose for music and film that you can get on a Samsung for free makes a huge difference when it comes to deciding on what phone to buy.

Now I can’t see Apple suddenly making itunes free and therefore I can’t see how they are going to manage to maintain their market share in spite of their legions of fans. The iphone 5 really serves to underpin this message. Small, incremental changes such as making the screen slightly bigger really aren’t going to be enough.

My big gripe with Apple though is that it always feels like they are on the quest to squeeze more money out of me. The last straw was their new charging system. I have a Bose iphone dock which I use to play my music through my iphone 4S. Had I remained with Apple and bought their new phone I would have had to then spend more money on a converter to make my dock work as well as perhaps a spare cable to plug the phone into my computer. So while Samsung are selling me extras that will improve the performance of their phone and allow me to customise it, Apple are selling me bits and pieces that I need just to make the phone work and aren’t allowing me to make any improvements to the memory or the battery or anything else.

This is why I have to recommend the Galaxy over the iphone 5 and in general the Samsung philosophy over the Apple philosophy.


I remember the time when I am spending vacation with my family last month. I tried recording video of my sister dancing with a belly dancer using her Samsung Galaxy but when we watched the video it is dark and a little bit grainy. My cousin who tried recording a new one using his iPhone5 and I was amazed by the quality of its video.

In this era where smartphones are powerful and may give you everything you need in a gadget, I choose Samsung over Apple too. I think Android has a better quality of pictures and videos, and it gives the user more privileges in video-shooting.

I would prefer the Samsung too, because Android offers better viewing of designs. It would make the viewers appreciate the sites better.

A little thing I noticed about these two manufacturers: the weird thing is that, they keep the competition tough, yet they limit their advertisements on TV. Their print ads are fine, but we all know that the media that reaches the widest coverage is the TV.

Is it possible that we can use smartphones, android phones and ios devices for video conferencing? I don’t have any idea on whether this is possible or not.

Robert Seitz says:

The S3 and IPhone are two of the most compared and reviewed phone during this time. If we look at these reviews, we can say that the verdict is always 50/50, there is no clear winner. I agree with the reviews, another thing that most tech review blog don’t include is the after market service, in which Samsung is the better choice.

Even the IPhone 5 can’t match up with the S3. May be it on benchmark, screen quality and user accessibility. Significant updates is also on the side of the Samsung phone.

This Samsung Galaxy 3 vs. iPhone 5 issue has been going on for quite a while now. I think the judgements are based on our preferences. Most of the reviews out there are subjective, so if we’re deciding on what to buy between the two, it’s better to just read the features and compare them yourself to see which suits your lifestyle more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. I do agree with you on a lot of points. By the way, the competition between the two is still intense. So buyers: just keep in mind that you’re buying it for its functionality.

Adapting to android’s user interface is not that hard. After a few days you should be able to adapt well. You will never regret this decision because the galaxy s3 is far more superior in all aspects.

S3 is the way to go. Even if the 4S has retina display, many still prefer the super AMOLED display and gorilla glass of the s3 over retina display. The operating system plays also a big part ’cause many users want freedom in customization.

John Kline says:

Good job to these two giants in the market, they managed to produce a product that could almost appease what the public needs. They must have used high end equipment to put these things together in a one sleek gadget and device.

Michael Stew says:

I completely agree with you on getting a galaxy 3 over the much hyped iPhone 5. You will buy a phone to represent you, something that would show your uniqueness and the galaxy s3 gives that to a user. You must control every facet of your phone, not the manufacturer.

Can’t say anything about the two choices cause I’m currently using a blackberry phone, I’m still happy and contended about it. But, I think I’ll try using iphone 5 cause I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback about it.

For my part, I lost my S3 and was gifted with an iPhone 5. It takes some time to get used to the iPhone’s interface as instagram was the only thing I got in common with both devices.