Rocket Launching Garbage Truck

This pic is a fake, sorry everyone, there’s a British military vehicle in the background on the right hand side, this is most likely from Iraq or Afganistan.

This pic is doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought I would upload it to the blog*.

There were lots of comments attacking the nature of this vehicle, it having been modified from a civilian purpose to a military one. Weapons platforms of this kind are the hallmark of the guerilla fighter and using this kind of technology shows a great deal of inventiveness on the part of the enemy which I can certainly respect. Inventiveness I can respect, other things less so.

For me the point is not the methodology of firing rockets but the point of firing them at all.

These rockets will bring the fury of the IDF down upon the vehicle and inevitably the area that is was fired from. Those shooting the rockets from this vehicle are aiming at nothing other than the general direction of Israel. Should the missiles they are firing happen to fall on some poor bastard or his family then that will be marked down as a big success by Hamas. Yet all it will mean is that once again Hamas have killed innocent people and brought the IDF down upon their own people. To what end?

With no objective in mind other than the eradication of Israel Hamas have doomed us all to a perpetual dance of death.

*NB I have note been able to verify the authenticity of this pic.