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Remembering Avner

3 years ago you took the train
you had no ticket though it took you there anyway
you had no bag but you packed everything away.
Plans you made all came to fruition and even your seed has since been spread.

I stood at your grave and watched your mother shed her tears 3 years after you left on your trip.
Few of us came 3 years later
unlike when you first took your trip
some remember some forget.

You took the train but you had no ticket
it took you there anyway.
Did you change your mind at the last moment i wonder
Did you try to get away before you were taken on your last journey?

You had tried and failed but this time you won,
I would have stopped you but you wouldn’t have wanted me to.
I knew you before,
I knew you when you were young.
You will always be young
You died young

I saw your mother and father bury you
They both hugged me and every other friend you forgot you had
They asked themselves why you had to leave but you weren’t there to answer

I remember drunken times
I remember bullets flying
I remember TV shows watched
I remember

I never would have thought it of you
You never would have thought it of yourself.
You who the women loved,
You who ran faster than I,
Who cared less than I
Who enjoyed life more than I.

You who chose to die