A Shadow Falls

I can feel it coming, the darkness descending upon us and I don’t know from where to find the light. The use of patriotism as an excuse for cruelty is being broadcast all around me and there’s nothing I can do about it but stand idly by and steel myself to vote for the other guy, or in this case woman. You never know, you can never foretell who is going to be infected by the ideas of hatred, it could be a self made millionaire it could be a university professor, the old model of the mass of poor people clinging on to the promises of politicians no longer holds water it appears. The very leaders of our ancient religion are in many cases the inspiration behind laws that would cause suffering and pain to many.

When the Right wing was elected four years ago things were set in motion that can still be undone, a vote for fear is what brought them in but the fear did not stop with their election. Indeed the very fear which they trumpeted as an election technique continued throughout their rule aided by a leader of the Left who betrayed his own voters in order to be rewarded with a position of power. We pay the price for his short sighted nonsense.

The fear didn’t stop and the economic catastrophe that has befallen us since and the fear of the people has only grown. But of what is everyone so afraid? Is it Europe? The economy? Palestinians? Iranian nuclear weapons? An unfriendly American Defense Secretary?

These are not our real fears, our fears lie far deeper, they are more substantial than any fleeting terror, our fears are for our country, we fear that we will wake up tomorrow and it will not exist. These fears are more likely than any of the above to make this scenario come true. As we work harder to force a solution on our terms we’ll find that the peace we so desperately seek eludes us even more and the fears that are so ingrained become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Beware of those offering the quick fix, the smooth talkers with their simple, though nonsensical solutions that will drag us all too willingly down their slippery slope towards nothing shy of evil.

So as per usual in the name of all things that are great and wonderful the country looks set to bring in politicians who tell us to our faces through smiles just what kind of extreme intentions they have and we are going to give them a mandate to do it. They wave our flag and smile their smiles and underneath it all is divisive politics, an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ and when their plans inevitably fall to pieces ‘they’ will be to blame. It’s not too late though, it’s possible that the 31% undecided voters can make the difference. This isn’t about Left and Right any more, it’s about Right and Wrong, it’s about those who would lead us to catastrophe and those who can  pull us back from the brink and it’s by no means certain what the outcome will be but it’s not looking good.